2010. február 26., péntek

2010. február 18., csütörtök

2010. február 17., szerda


T-shirt and Shoes: H&M

HEY BANANA! what are you doing ?

ohmygod i hate this . my english is shit . but when i write hungarian language everyone dont understand me . becouse everybodie dont knows what is and where is hungary .

Today the third day of school in two weeks ago . i Love school . okay i don't like study . but i like to go school and i love the school life . At the weekend i'll have some FUN with my friends. ...

2010. február 10., szerda

2010. február 9., kedd

empire state human

my gardrobe's fauvorite things are shoes .

Today Dani is visited me.and i pollute him . finish he felt sick too.


i'm so sick today . i have headache and fever. i'm sitting at home this week. i think its my nightmare . i drink tea all day . and laze in my bed . terrible. :(

i made this just now.